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The Community Growth Summit 2022

Recently I attended the Community Growth Summit that Circle hosted and I found so much value from learning about this platform! Below I’ll share some of my notes. 

Tom Ross Newsletter 

A Community pro for over 20 years, Tom has been bringing people together, sharing his journey, and helping others along the way. 

MVP – Minimum viable product → Minimum Viable Communities 

  • The mistake most make is to bring in too many people to soon

  • He recommends staging a community or phasing 

  • Bring in your SUPER FANS FIRST, who are the people who really align with your message and check all the boxes 

  • As he grouped the group, he built other areas or spaces inside the Circle Community 

  • What is working, what isn’t working AKA Community Discovery LOOP 

  • Community is fluid, pivoting is vital to growing your community 

  • For people who are starting from ZERO, what do we need? 

  • His advice, be a little ahead of others, OR fill a GAP you see is missing in the marketplace 

  • What PROBLEM can YOU SOLVE? 

  • Click here to read the key to discovery 

  • Ask people you already know start with your connections, email list, friends, and social media connections – 

  • Have a “reasonable” expectation – Look at your current audience, and connect with what you CAN do in a specific amount of time 

  • DON’T Compare – Comparison is the thief of joy! 

  • People get lost in social media messages and connect directly with them

  • Get on OPP Other People’s Podcasts – Other People’s Stages 75% of his audience comes from OTHER PEOPLE because he gets in front of others 

  • There are no ONE SIZE FITS ALL when it comes to pricing, it really depends on the goals, desires, and needs of the host of a community 

  • Key tips → KNOW YOUR NUMBERS (See this Calculator below)

  • You need to have a balance between what you as the host is willing to do and the results you expect within a specific time frame 

  • Application-based community structure, filters out people who are SERIOUS, member data upfront, learning from them and see if they are a good fit so that we can tag members and we can tag them and send a note to have another member help them 

  • Selective in who we bring in and support

  • Buzz of a cohort launch – everyone applies in private, onboarding is a “launch party” aka a welcome party in our community