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A Community Strategist who helps entrepreneurs find calm building
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Deb Schell is the Creator of Find Calm Here LLC — As a community strategist, she helps female entrepreneurs and executives find calm in building, launching, and growing paid online communities. With experience helping over 80 Mighty Network Hosts, Deb’s combined experience as a journalist, copywriter, photographer, artist, and sales professional align to offer clients a streamlined experience that is fun! 

Inside the Find Calm Here Community, she brings together community-builders who feel overwhelmed and offers tools, support, and accountability. Together, members find calm in the process of building their online Mighty Networks, sharing their successes and struggles. 

As the Host of The Community Strategy Podcast, Deb shares conversations she has with community-builders who share how they’ve found calm in the process of building, launching, and growing their online paid communities. 

The Find Calm Here Executive Team

Callisa Mickle, FCH Community Executive Assistant, Podcast Producer for The Community Strategy Podcast.

Callisa Mickle joined Find Calm Here LLC in the summer of 2021 as the podcast editor.

She jumped into the FCH Community by joining the Mighty Mastermind in October of 2021 and began working with other community builders.

During COVID, Callisa started her own virtual assistant business with an aim to live a location-independent lifestyle.

Passionate about supporting independent business owners, she enjoys working with entrepreneurs like Deb, who need assistance with a wide variety of tasks. 

Callisa is currently editing and producing The Community Strategy Podcast. In addition, she offers administrative assistance, social media management, community content creation, and facilitates co-working sessions inside the FCH Community. 

IMG 20220417 161526 535
Christina Lengyel, FCH Creative Assistant, Writer for the FCH Blog, The Community Strategy Podcast, and FCH Community

Christina Lengyel is a writer, editor, and educator who has worked in corporate, non-profit, and academic settings. 

She loves to find and foster the light in people and ideas. She believes empathy is our most essential skill. She has an MFA in Creative Writing and Publishing Arts (2013) from the University of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD, and additional credits from Naropa University, Boulder, CO. 

Blending creative artistry with a penchant for organization, Christina uses information from multiple disciplines and viewpoints to synthesize a singular, clear line of thinking. 

She joined the FCH Team in May of 2022 to help improve the content of the Find Calm Here Blog and within the FCH CommunityChristina also supports the Community Strategy Podcast with extended show notes and transcriptions.

Kristi Sullivan
Kristi Sullivan, Find Calm Here Community Ambassador and Host of the Executive Remote Worker Community

 Kristie Sullivan joined the Find Calm Here Community in November of 2021 and has been a very active member offering to give tips, tools, and resources on how she’s navigated her way on her community-building journey.

As the Executive Remote Worker Community Host, Kristi offers clarity and support to corporate executives working remotely who dream of extended travel in Europe, the US, or other parts of the world.

She says their ideal member is not the typical “digital nomads” but professionals who are ready to take action towards a lifestyle of traveling and working remotely in amazing, breath-taking destinations. They also value connecting, networking, and building relationships with other like-minded executives – both personally and professionally. Kristi’s biggest achievement has been “coining” the term “executive remote worker” in a new niche during 2021.

Find Calm Here Collaborative Partners

Justin Fowler SM
Justin Fowler, Find Calm Here LLC Web Developer

Justin Fowler joined Find Calm Here LLC in January of 2022 as the web developer. He is an artist, entrepreneur, designer, and developer that helps independent business owners create and maintain their websites.

Having worked on sites for VAs, podcasters, coaches, consultants, online courses, online shops, corporate sites, and wikis, he has a wide range of experience and expertise.

During COVID, he left his job as a graphic and web designer to focus on growing his art and design business and traveling. This included spending 4 months of 2021 visiting National Parks across the US.

With a core belief that having a website should make your life easier, not more difficult, he enjoys helping others who don’t have the knowledge or time to create a website for themselves or their business.

In addition, he is an experienced designer specializing in logo design, illustration, and branding, as well as merchandising and digital printing.


Mark Savant
Mark Savant, Host of The After Hours Entrepreneur and the Podcast Savants Mighty Network

Mark’s Mighty Network, The Podcast Savant Community, and the Mastermind program offer clarity to podcasters via monthly training, support, promotion, networking, and more. 

Each month, we’re going to cover actionable steps you can take to improve your podcast. From developing your show’s identity, search ability, storytelling, calls to action, and more. 

Instead of spending countless hours working on random tasks, simply set aside 1 hour a week to work on the monthly checklist we provide. These clear checklists will help you grow your show with real clarity and purpose.

This is supported by short, weekly live video tutorials to support your growth. 

You’ll also get support through promotions, review swaps, networking and opportunities.

Want even more? I lead monthly mastermind sessions where you get even more feedback.

 Invest in you.  Join us today.

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