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A Community Strategist who helps entrepreneurs find calm building
Deb wo background
Deb Schell, Creator of Find Calm Here LLC, Host of the Communtiy Strategy Podcast, Leader of the FCH Community

Deb Schell is the Creator of Find Calm Here LLC — As a community strategist who guides leaders, founders, startups, and organizations in best practices for and how to create an online community. 

After leading her community for over two years, Deb’s learned a lot about setting clients up for success by gaining clarity on the community concept, developing a community strategy, and putting together a great community launch plan for marketing on social media. 

Combined 20 years experience as a journalist, travel writer, professional photographer, business owner, and marketing expert, she’s skilled at identifying your vision and bringing it to life. 

Deb is a Community Leaders Institute Certified Community Professional. She’s also completed the CMX MBA program (2020) and has also completed an 8-week program (2020 to become a professional public speaker. 

Inside the Find Calm Here Community, she brings together community-builders who feel overwhelmed and offers tools, support, and accountability. Together, members find calm in the process of building their online Mighty Networks, sharing their successes and struggles. 

Since 2020, Deb’s been the Host of The Community Strategy Podcast, where Deb shares conversations she has with community-builders who share how they’ve found calm in the process of building, launching, and growing their online paid communities. 

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CMX Summit Recap for Blog

Episode 87: CMX Summit Recap with Deb Schell

In this episode of the Community Strategy Podcast, host Deb Schell shares her notes and thoughts from the recent CMX Summit which she attended virtually on September 14th and 15th and attended several sessions in addition to networking with the world’s largest group of community builders.

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Screen Shot 2022 07 12 at 1.48.23 PM

The Widest Net: Session 4 with Pamela Slim + Join Agcongay

“Community is the earth, water, air, and sunshine for our sense of belonging and purpose. It is the ecosystem – the set of people, places, structures, organizations, resources, and behaviors – that allow us to feel like we are seen, heard, understood, and valued, and where we find the tools to reach our goals.”

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