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The Widest Net Book Study Notes: Step 1 + 2

Inside the Find Calm Here Community we’ve started a book study group to discuss The Widest Net: Unlock Untapped Markets and Discover New Customers Right in Front of You, By Pamela Slim.

This book study, in partnership with Athena Village, began in mid-July and will continue through September, meeting every-other Tuesday at 1 PM Eastern Time via Zoom. 

This is the list of dates if you are interested in joining the book study: The Widest Net Book Study Sessions PNG 

I’ve put together some notes of the Introduction, Step 1 and 2 with some additional resource links for further research and reading. 

If you would like to join us, simply join either Athena Village or Find Calm Here Community to access the zoom link and view recordings of past sessions. 


Key Takeaways 

  • Before you build a business, you have to make sure that it solves a problem worth solving, a problem that people will pay to solve, and a problem that you personally desire to solve. 
  • You have to know how to describe and recognize the specific characteristics of the perfect customer for your business. 
  • You have to craft offers your perfect customer can’t refuse because they are the quickest, best, and most cost-effective way to solve their problem. 
  • You need to connect to the right “watering holes”: places, in person and online, where thousands of these ideal customers hang out. 
  • You have to build relationships with them in a way that is respectful, and inclusive, and that they don’t find overbearing or creepy. 
  • As you build relationships, you need to demonstrate to customers that you are a smart, trustworthy person who has a unique approach to doing this work. 
  • You have to be really consistent with TMAs = small activities done consistently over a long period of time that generate leads and momentum. 
  • You have to know how to sell to these customers in a way that feels easy and aligned and valuable, to you and them. 
  • Over time as you scale, you need to build partnerships with trustworthy allies that allow you to grow without exhausting yourself in the process. 
  • And once you are in the admirable state of a well-oiled business with consistent leads of great prospects, you need to operationalize this marketing work, hire folks to work with you, and consistently plan ways to connect with new and interesting markets. 

Notable Quotes 

“Building a business is hard. Even if you have done it before, even if you have done it for years, there is always that pit in your stomach when you think: What if all of a sudden no one buys my stuff?” 

“There are no miracles. No one will do your work for you. But if you use the method, apply the lessons, and do the work, you will find yourself surrounded by cool partners, overflowing with opportunity, with a full client roster, taxes paid on time and in full, and bulging bank accounts.” 

Watch the Recording of Session 1

Book Study Session 1 Takeaways

Session Key Takeaways

  • You can say YES or NO to clients, customers, or ideas when you know what you want to do, and why, through values, purpose, and mission. 
  • Value/Mission helps drive who we work with, and how we work with others
  • Theresa shares that she’s using surveys to identify the “common threads” in her ideal clients, customers, and potential partners  
  • Kristie mentions that the journey is constantly changing and we are pivoting and adjusting as we go, and along the way we gain clarity
  • Joy shares that she has identified “through-lines” in the journey and no matter what business you have, you just try, do what feels good in the moment, and there is no “wrong” way to do it → Win, Win, Learn 
  • How do I want to feel, Theresa mentions the book Body of Work by Pam Slim 

Deb's Notes

Step 1: Find the Mission at Your Roots 

Key Takeaways 

Most business owners figure out “how” to build a business, but don’t clarify their “why” 

A clearly defined business mission keeps you going when you are tired, when a client owes you money, or when an unhappy customer roasts you on social media 

Feeling emotional connection and resonance with the work will make sure that solving the problem is directly aligned with your top values, strengths, and skills. 

  • YouMap ® is an assessment tool to help you identify your strengths, ask me about this if you are interested in learning more about the 4-week program. 


Notable Quotes 

“What most business owners fail to define in a deep and compelling way is the why they are in business. Beyond making a profit, providing jobs, and contributing to the desired lifestyle of the owner, what is the reason you are in business?”

“A business that does not solve an important problem is not a business, it is a fad.” 

“If you want to build a legion of passionate customers, scale your platform, increase influence, or build a vibrant community of ecosystem partners, you have to be clear about why your business mission is important.”

Step 2:Identify Your Values 

Key Takeaways 

Actions both large and small will enable you to achieve your purpose: 

Business values allow you to define: 

  • Who will you and won’t you do business with, and why
  • How you will make important decisions 
  • What kind of culture will bring your mission to life? 
  • How you will choose the best partners to expand your business 
  • Whom you will hire to work in your company 
  • How you will conduct yourself in business 

Always and Never list: 

  • What you will or will not do, what you will accept or not accept, who you will and will not work with, and the method in which you will and will not communicate, work, or deal with in regards to your business. 

Example: Any commitment made to a customer is always documented, shared, with the customer, and signed off by a manager. This way we all know exactly what has been promised, and we still stop at nothing to ensure it is delivered. 

Notable Quotes 

“Your purpose establishes what you’re trying to achieve in your business and how you’ll make the world a better place. Your values are the beliefs, philosophies, and principles that drive your business.” 

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