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The gift of being present in community

As a community builder and designer, I learned this year that the best gift I’ve received is the gift of member participation, contribution, and presence during our virtual events. As I start to connect with more entrepreneurs creating communities and launching groups on a variety of platforms, I find the biggest topic is community member contribution.

The Find Calm Here Community started small, but mighty, launching on the Mighty Networks platform in the spring of 2020. I’m so thankful for all of the community members who’ve gifted me and the speaker their presence during more than 30 virtual events this year.

It wasn’t until the last few weeks that I’ve had time to reflect on my personal experiences with the platform and wanted to share them with you. If you are considering launching a community or group in 2021 and also considering the Mighty Networks platform, here are my thoughts.

I’ve been a member of a Mighty Network for almost three years and enjoy the platform that allows me to connect with others on a global level. 

  • It is pretty simple to use and I like the visual design of the platform.
  • It removes the distractions and focuses on the topics of our community.
  • The biggest reason for launching here and not Facebook is the ability to charge different pricing for different services including digital courses, groups, and a community with the flexibility of offering one-time payments or recurring membership dues on a monthly or annual basis for continued revenue.
  • The landing page is really flexible and offers members information about the community as well as offering the host a place to offer a variety of services including memberships and bundling membership with courses and/or groups.
  • The events feature (recently upgraded) is great because it allows me to see how many people have responded to the scheduled call, to message attendees, as well as those who’ve RSVP, ’d as may be to inform them of the call, or any changes/cancellations.
  • The poll feature also allows members to contribute without feeling like they have to create a post, it is simple and a good way to identify if you are meeting the needs/desires of the community.
  • Others: Lots of other great features for connecting members as well as in private groups, group chats, and featuring content such as articles, courses, or events.

The Mighty Network just announced a look ahead for 2021 and shared some things we will see a change in the new year.

These are exciting and much-needed changes, but there are still some unanswered questions (as of this date) and we don’t have a roadmap on product release dates just yet. That being said, here are my highlights from the recent webinar.

  • New Analytics using Looker — MN uses this and will be upgrading the analytics as they’ve secured a deal with this Google app.

  • LIVE video and video in the app — This feature has been in most demand by all MN Hosts and allows the host to upload video files directly to the MN as well as stream video inside your community.

  • Notifications for Multi-Networks — As many of us know, when we are on several different MN it is hard to toggle back and forth with notifications on the mobile app. These new features will show notification with each MN Community, so you know which MN to find the notification.

  • Custom Header — This feature was mentioned that it was for PRO ONLY so I’m asking for more clarification on this. The photo shows you can customize the header at the top of the home page with topics, courses, and other content featured.

  • Plan Upgrades — The planned upgrade allows a variety of custom paths to membership. It is a bit confusing but what I understand is you can invite, allow them to explore, require them to answer questions, require approval, and then have them pay for entry. Basically, each plan can be customized for your needs. You can set it to invite, ask a question, require approval, or you can set it to just-auto approve when they answer questions, or you can turn questions off, and have them explore, and then pay for membership. Lots of customizations that have been long-awaited by MN Hosts.

  • Spaces — This upgrade allows you to create a structure for any group/course and content. So any course can be under a group and any group can be under a course, is what I’m understanding. This seems like the biggest change that allows more control over how a host organizes the sidebar and the user experience is improved with a custom experience by building a network that makes sense for that specific community. This is a bit complex, so I’d recommend watching this section of the video for more clarification.

  • Explore Mode — MN added an explore mode option for people to “Peek” into your community, and you can turn this on or off.

  • IOS Payments — You can now TURN OFF IOS so that you don’t need to worry about Apple taking that 30% and only selling through Web and Android. This also allows you to SET YOUR PRICE at whatever you want and removes the barrier for that 999 limits, so charge as much or as little as you want! *When not using IOS

  • Custom Welcome — This feature allows you to have a video, photo, or some welcome message for each and every plan you create. It can be customized for each course/group/bundle so that that member has a welcome that is specific to that plan/program.

  • Member Profile — This allows members to get clear on who they are and why they are in the community. You can be more specific with career/interests, and detailed as far as location and common goals.

  • Tax Collection Integration — The MN has partnered with Quaderno, an application that allows hosts to collect taxes (if needed) in the country of the member as well as for the host country.

Mighty Networks for Community

I work with Mighty Hosts as a consultant and have built communities for hosts. I’m also a Community Manager for a Mighty Network.

My biggest advice if you want to offer a great user experience, keep it as simple as possible in the beginning. Ask an interview ideal members, find out what they are willing and able to do, with time commitment and financial investments to make sure that your time and energy are spent building something that brings transformation for your members and income for you to continue to build your amazing offerings.

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