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A Community Strategist who helps entrepreneurs find calm building
Deb wo background

I’m Deb Schell, A Community Strategist who helps business leaders find calm gaining clarity of an online community concept. 

 I’ve been passionate about bringing people together for over 10 years in person. Over the past few years, I have discovered that virtual communities help connect people whom they may never meet in their physical community. 

As a member of an online community, I was able to achieve my goals and transform my life with the support and encouragement of a community of peers all interested in becoming location independent. It is this community that helped me quit my corporate job and become location independent. 

Over the past few years, I’ve created a location-independent business, launched an online community, and started a podcast. This wouldn’t have been possible without the tools, training, and accountability that was provided to me within this community. 

After I saw the massive impact that an online community had in my own life, I wanted to help others create transformational communities to help not only themselves by adding an additional revenue stream to their business, but also for them to scale, grow, and impact the lives of others around the globe. 

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Testimonials from past clients and community members

“Deb brought high energy, an evident desire to help me succeed, and knowledge (much built on her own experience going through the same process) to the strategy session. I left the time feeling understood and with the guidance I needed to create my plan for the next few months in my new community.”

– Denise Wiseman, Host of The PX Community (February 2022) 

“Thank you Deb for supporting Agorapulse’s recent discovery efforts – you are a natural moderator and an all-around wonderful human to spend time with!!!” – Theresa Anderson, Head of Agency Business at Agorapulse (February 2022) 

Jackie Cote

 “Deb was the thought partner and Might Network strategist I needed to help build a framework out for a challenge I want to run in my group. Before our sessions, I wasn’t sure how to pull all of the pieces together and was a bit overwhelmed by all of the ideas I had — afterward, I felt super clear and quickly took action to bring the challenge to life.” –  Allegra Stein, Host of Misfit to Maverick Community (January 2022) 

“Deb takes something that feels so overwhelming and simply settles you into a foundation.  She has this ability to keep you focusing on your North Star while at the same time creating space for the unknown.  She is brilliant, she is calm and we couldn’t have done this without her.” – Sarah Hines, Host of Rivera Leadership Support Community. (January 2022)

“The Strategy Session was very helpful in getting me clear on my pricing strategy and business model. Deb really knows her stuff and took the time to really understand my offer and help set me on the best course.” – Chris Frager, Host of the Remote and Thrive Community (January 2022) 

“Deb was beyond helpful in bringing CALM to what felt like a whirlwind process of creating my online community on the MN.  She’s gone above and beyond my initial coaching session with her by spending extra time with me, making sure my questions were answered, following up diligently, sharing resources with me, and so much more.  With her help, I felt like I had solid ground beneath me to launch my course and community confidently.  Her sweet presence is in itself calming, and supportive.  She reassured me that I am on track and know how to “do this”.  She navigated my questions, slowed me down, and helped me gain crystal clear clarity on how to proceed in a way that worked for me.  Her knowledge of the MN is brilliant, but her heart is what makes all the difference.  Thank you, Deb, you are a gift that keeps on giving and your support is invaluable.” – GuruNischan, Host of The Playground (June 2021) 

“I can’t recommend Deb highly enough for community growth and development. Her expertise in this space is second to none. She listens intently and has the ability to see past problems and issues to formulate workable solutions that get results quickly. Deb has a great blend of being very personable and approachable with being very strategic and focussed. She asks lots of incisive questions that make you think about new ways to implementable solutions. Love working with her.” – Karen Brennan, Host of the Anam Korja Community  (September 2021) 

“I feel like I found the golden ticket when I found Deb. My Mighty Network got set up with ease and confidence with your guidance. I love Deb’s strategic thinking and teaching style. Deb has a wonderful sense of humor and made me feel so comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend working with Deb when you are ready to grow.” –

Lisa Pepper-Satkin, Host of the Own Your Brilliance Community 

(September 2021)

 “One of things I love best about Deb is that she personifies her motto, “Find Calm Here.” When she was referred to me, I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of work needed to launch my community. She took control of the situation, like a seasoned senior project manager, focused on the low-hanging fruit that needed to be prioritized, and rolled up her sleeves and helped where needed. As a result, everything was accomplished AHEAD of the deadline. Furthermore, she had a sense of ownership, which cannot be understated. At one point, she offered to work on part of the project (that I estimated would take hours) so I could go pick my daughter up from school. By the time I returned home, she had already completed the ask! It made me feel very CALM. I highly recommend Deb if you’re looking to launch a community and need expertise, project support, strategy, and guidance.” 

– Tiana Clark- Host of My Driver’s Seat (September 2021)