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Work with us - Community Consulting + Design Services ​

I’m Deb Schell, A Community Strategist who helps entrepreneurs find a calm building, launching, and growing paid online communities so that they can lead with energy, confidence, and purpose. I’ve been passionate about bringing people together for over 10 years in person. Over the past few years, I have discovered that virtual communities help connect people whom they may never meet in their physical community. 

As a Mighty Networks Community Member for over 2 years, I was able to achieve my goals and transform my life with the support and encouragement of a community of peers all interested in becoming location independent. It is this community that helped me quit my corporate job and become location independent. 

Over the past few years, I’ve created a location-independent business, launched an online community, and started a podcast. This wouldn’t have been possible without the tools, training, and accountability that was provided to me within this community. 

After I saw the massive impact that an online community had in my own life, I wanted to help others create transformational communities to help not only themselves by adding an additional revenue stream to their business, but also for them to scale, grow, and impact the lives of others around the globe. 

How we work with community leaders

Are you considering a community for your business but aren’t sure it’s the best solution for your business? Let us help you with discovering your ideal members! 

  1. We help you find calm on your community journey with tools and support.
  2. We can help with your discovery process.
  3. Working with us will allow you to see the possibilities for your online community. 

Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of community platforms? Have you experienced frustration, stress, and overwhelm with the community-building process? 

  1. We take the stress out of community building, creating content, and onboarding members.
  2. We help you find ways to create connections with more fun and ease. 
  3. We work together to improve your community. 

As an entrepreneur myself, I know how stressful building a community is for even the most tech-savvy leaders. 

  1. With only 1-hour a week, we will launch a Mighty Network together with ease.
  2. Let a community design and copywriter create your community for you. 
  3. Together we will create your community strategy and implement it all on your timeframe and by your launch date. 
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Let's Do it together!

Strategy Community

Building a community on the Mighty Networks can be confusing and stressful for new even the most tech-savvy community builders. 

Let’s get clear on your community strategy and structure. 

Each month you’ll have 4 collaborative sessions with Deb’s guidance on best practices, tips on optimizing your current community task management, and ideas to inspire you to rejuvenate your online community experience for yourself and for your members!

Time commitment: Weekly 90-minute sessions 

Project Goals: To have an outline, roadmap, and plans with the tools and resources to open the community 

  • Review community structure, validation, and transformation 

  • Discuss opportunities to welcome and onboard new members

  • Identify community content and activities for members 

  • Validate pricing with the CALM Calculator (To be explained in the call) 

  • Discuss landing page features, visuals, and messaging

Mighty Networks

If you haven’t heard of it yet, YOU WILL! 

Mighty Networks is the best place to create your online community, LIVE Course, Community Cohort, and/or a Membership Community

If you are a creator, podcaster, author, speaker, writer, coach, or consultant, the Mighty Network is a great platform for you to bring together your audience, customers, clients, or fellow peers into a private, safe space that is off of social media.

If you are a community-builder and want to launch a Mighty Networks – OR just thinking about launching your first LIVE Course, Cohort, Mastermind, or membership – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! 

MN for Podcaters

Move your current program, cohort, or course over to Mighty Networks in as little as 4 weeks to bring your clients, customers, or audience into your app. 

  1. I can help you turn lurkers into a thriving community off of Facebook and on a Mighty Network to allow you to scale your business faster with ease.
  2. Own your time. I help you get hours back into your week with strategy and tools.
  3. Own your growth. In addition to building it together, we find a way to grow your network for the future. 

Are you ready to get started, Let's GO!

Done For You Solutions

Community Discovery, Group Coaching, and Course Building Services including strategy and design


The “EASY” way to launch a Mighty Network in 90 Days from idea to launch! Set your membership up for success! 

Discovery -> Strategy -> Elevated Support for a “done for you” service that includes developing and implementing the community structure, strategy, tech setup, and more! 

Community Discovery can be time-consuming and I know you’ve got a lot going on! Let me take the discovery and community-building tasks for you and make it as easy as possible to get started with bringing members into your online community! 

THE FASTEST WAY to Move a Group Coaching Program to a Mighty Network in 60 days or LESS! 

Get right to coaching your clients faster! 

Community Strategy -> Community Structure -> Community Setup -> Onboarding Support to help you find calm in the community-building process by working with a structured 60-day program to get you set up in less time and have fun while doing it! 

You’ll get tools, resources, and the support YOU NEED to get your program launched faster, with less stress and more fun! 

Elevated Support

The BEST way to launch your Cohort, Course, or Program on Mighty Networks

Community Strategy -> Community Structure -. Course Building -> Elevated Support -> Onboarding so that together we take the idea and strategic plan into designing your unique community that matches your brand, style, and voice to customize Mighty Networks features including; events, activity feed, topics, and more!

Deb will build out the Mighty Networks FOR YOU and have it ready to go for opening the doors just in time for the launch date.