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Mighty Networks Strategy + Community

A Community Strategist who helps entrepreneurs find calm building

Monthly Strategy + FCH Community Membership

Building a community on the Mighty Networks can be confusing and stressful for new even the most tech savvy community builders. 

I aim to make the community building process fun and easy. 

Let’s get clear on your community strategy and structure. 

You’ll have 4 collaborative sessions per month with Deb’s guidance on best practices, tips on optimizing your current community task management, and ideas to inspire you to rejuvenate your online community experience for yourself and for your members!

Time commitment: Weekly 90-minute sessions 

Project Goals: To have an outline, roadmap, and plans with the tools and resources to open the community 

  • Review community structure, validation, and transformation 

  • Discuss opportunities to welcome and onboard new members

  • Identify community content and activities for members 

  • Validate pricing with the CALM Calculator (To be explained in the call) 

  • Discuss landing page features, visuals, and messaging

During our sessions we will: 

✨  Determine how you will structure or restructure your Mighty Network for success with templates, checklists, and worksheets to keep on track. 

✨  Identify the process for setting up the network, clearing up unessential areas, or taking advantage of all of the awesome tools that this platform offers.

✨  We will work together to identify your launch or relaunch timeline for building, launching, and/or onboarding depending on your needs.  

✨  You will gain clarity on your next steps forward to find calm in your community journey and have actionable steps following our session.

✨  We can discuss a continuing partnership with potential for pre-launch, onboarding, post-launch support. 

✨  At the end of the sessions, you will have a roadmap to take you towards your goals and a plan to implement the tasks needed to get there!

✨Click HERE to Preview our Strategy Checklist

✨ Click HERE to preview our new client onboarding packet! 

Terms & Conditions

  1. The Client is responsible for travel, lodging, and meals if interviews are taking place in person. 
  2. The Client agrees to the Find Calm Here LLC Terms and Conditions outlined here by selecting this package.
  3. The Client will review the Onboarding Packet Click HERE 
  4. The Client understands and agrees to keep the project to scope of work and will not ask the Consultant to do work outside of the scope of work outlined above and if this occurs, understands that the project could be terminated. 

Online Work Environment and Professional Guidelines

The Consultant expects that the Client respect the agreement stated in the package and will not, under any circumstances ask or tell the Consultant to do work that is outside the scope of the project outlined in the package. Asking or telling the Consultant to do or expecting the Consultant to complete work outside the scope of the project may lead to termination of the partnership without a refund and/or reimbursement. If at any time the Consultant is treated rudely (being yelled at, spoken to in a demeaning manner, sent demanding text or emails, and/or including demands) the Consultant can and will terminate the agreement with the Client without refund/reimbursement. 

✨ Find Calm Here Community Membership

Find Calm Here with the tools, support, and resources you need to have a successful launch, grow your membership, and tackle any challenge with the support of peers in a safe space that’s affordable and enjoyable!

Here’s what is included in the membership: 

✨ Calm Guides

The latest community-building industry-leading trends and resources include templates, worksheets, and tutorials. All guides are INCLUDED In the membership, so you will not be asked to “upgrade” to anything else. 

✨Top-Industry Expert Speakers 

As a paid member, you can directly connect with leaders of enterprise companies and fellow entrepreneurs who have an amazing experience to share during interactive workshops, guided training, and video tutorials customized for Mighty Network Hosts

Client Testimonials

“Deb was beyond helpful in bringing CALM to what felt like a whirlwind process of creating my online community on the MN.  She’s gone above and beyond my initial coaching session with her by spending extra time with me, making sure my questions were answered, following up diligently, sharing resources with me, and so much more.  With her help, I felt like I had solid ground beneath me to launch my course and community confidently.  Her sweet presence is in itself calming, and supportive.  She reassured me that I am on track and know how to “do this”.  She navigated my questions, slowed me down, and helped me gain crystal clear clarity on how to proceed in a way that worked for me.  Her knowledge of the MN is brilliant, but her heart is what makes all the difference.  Thank you, Deb, you are a gift that keeps on giving and your support is invaluable.” – GuruNischan, Host of The Playground (June 2021)

“Deb brought high energy, an evident desire to help me succeed, and knowledge (much built on her own experience going through the same process) to the strategy session. I left the time feeling understood and with the guidance I needed to create my plan for the next few months in my new community.” – Denise Wiseman, Host of The PX Community (February 2022) 

“Deb was the thought partner and Might Network strategist I needed to help build a framework out for a challenge I want to run in my group. Before our sessions, I wasn’t sure how to pull all of the pieces together and was a bit overwhelmed by all of the ideas I had — afterward, I felt super clear and quickly took action to bring the challenge to life.” –  Allegra Stein, Host of Misfit to Maverick Community (January 2022) 

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