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Mighty Networks Strategy + Design Services

MN Strategy Design
Mighty Networks

✨ With only 1-hour a week, launch a Mighty Networks with ease to start earning money faster with your membership, course, or program.

What is included:

✨ Weekly 1-Hour Strategy Session to get you from IDEA to a Strategic Plan for Success.

✨  We will take the plan for each week and begin building, designing, and creating content right after the first session. 

✨  We help you customize the features, functions, and options for the network 

We help you cultivate an onboarding method and plan for new members

✨  Click HERE to view the Client Onboarding Packet 

✨ We build your plans with pricing, branding, and marketing copy (you provide)

✨  We build your course, schedule events, activity feed, topics, and additional features

✨  Please review the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

✨  You agree to the Find Calm Here LLC Terms and Conditions outlined here by selecting this package.


 Agreements / T&C 

  1. The Client agrees to the Find Calm Here LLC Terms and Conditions outlined here by submitting payment
  2. The Client will review the Onboarding Packet Click HERE 
  3. The Client understands and agrees to keep the project to scope of work and will not ask the Consultant to do work outside of the scope of work outlined above and if this occurs, understands that the project could be terminated. 

Online Work Environment and Professional Guidelines

The Consultant expects that the Client respect the agreement stated in the package and will not, under any circumstances ask or tell the Consultant to do work that is outside the scope of the project outlined in the package. Asking or telling the Consultant to do or expecting the Consultant to complete work outside the scope of the project may lead to termination of the partnership without a refund and/or reimbursement. If at any time the Consultant is treated rudely (being yelled at, spoken to in a demeaning manner, sent demanding text or emails, and/or including demands) the Consultant can and will terminate the agreement with the Client without refund/reimbursement. 

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