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Mighty Networks Strategy + Design + Elevated Support


✨ Community Design: Together we take the idea and strategic plan into designing your unique community that matches your brand, style, and voice to customize a Mighty Networks features including; events, activity feed, topics, and more!

✨ Community Content: We identify the community content placement and organization using the vision we’ve set. 

✨ Content Calendar: Based on the progression and needs, content can be created for the client and includes scheduling of posts, polls, questions, and articles from provided content for the first 30 days of operation. 

✨ Community Landing Page: Copywriting of the landing page, adding marketing, graphics, links, and customization of plans (if needed) to invite new members/students into the community. 


✨ $997 VALUE – Custom Video tutorials for team members and support staff, community managers, or virtual assistants to teach them how to create events, schedule posts, and update content inside the network. 

 $997 VALUE – LIFETIME Find Calm Here Community Membership with access to new Calm Guides as soon as they are released, the ability to discover new community ideas, and a direct link to resources, tools, and a community of Mighty Network Hosts who all want to support each other, offer experience and give advice on best practices. 

✨  $997 VALUE – Ability to jump on additional calls throughout the 60-days to workshop ideas, gain more clarity on your offer, and identify any challenges that arise to navigate easily by finding calm. 


“Deb brought high energy, an evident desire to help me succeed, and knowledge (much built on her own experience going through the same process) to the strategy session. I left the time feeling understood and with the guidance I needed to create my plan for the next few months in my new community.”
– Denise Wiseman, Host of The PX Community (February 2022)

“Deb was the thought partner and Might Network strategist I needed to help build a framework out for a challenge I want to run in my group. Before our sessions, I wasn’t sure how to pull all of the pieces together and was a bit overwhelmed by all of the ideas I had — afterward, I felt super clear and quickly took action to bring the challenge to life.” –  Allegra Stein, Host of Misfit to Maverick Community (January 2022) 

“Deb takes something that feels so overwhelming and simply settles you into a foundation.  She has this ability to keep you focusing on your North Star while at the same time creating space for the unknown.  She is brilliant, she is calm and we couldn’t have done this without her.” – Sarah Hines, Host of Rivera Leadership Support Community. (January 2022)


 Agreements / T&C 

  1. The Client agrees to the Find Calm Here LLC Terms and Conditions outlined here by submitting payment
  2. The Client will review the Onboarding Packet Click HERE 
  3. The Client understands and agrees to keep the project to scope of work and will not ask the Consultant to do work outside of the scope of work outlined above and if this occurs, understands that the project could be terminated. 

Online Work Environment and Professional Guidelines

The Consultant expects that the Client respect the agreement stated in the package and will not, under any circumstances ask or tell the Consultant to do work that is outside the scope of the project outlined in the package. Asking or telling the Consultant to do or expecting the Consultant to complete work outside the scope of the project may lead to termination of the partnership without a refund and/or reimbursement. If at any time the Consultant is treated rudely (being yelled at, spoken to in a demeaning manner, sent demanding text or emails, and/or including demands) the Consultant can and will terminate the agreement with the Client without refund/reimbursement.