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It’s a great time to be a community leader. 

There’s no other word that I’ve heard in the past few months more than COMMUNITY.

Some of the foundational business practices include core community-building strengths:

  • Being Adaptable
  • Facilitating Connectedness
  • Inclusivity for all
  • Able to easily relate to others
  • Empathetic strives to understand people
  • A Peacemaker to find common ground
  • A desire to bring harmony to others

Do you see yourself in these strengths?

This month inside the FCH Community we will be diving into strengths and what makes our communities unique. Stay tuned for more about finding your strengths and how to leverage them on the community leadership journey.

– Deb

May Community Events

✨New Mighty Network Product Features for 2022 and what’s coming!

Mighty Networks updated their product release roadmap and now it is more easy-to-read to see what has been done in the past year with regards to product updates. A NEW feature, as a host, you have the ability to “VOTE” on which feature is more important to you! 

mighty networks

Community Member Onboarding

Over the course of the last year, I’ve worked with the Find Calm Here Community members to understand their challenges and find easy-to-implement solutions for them.

The theme over the past year has been the struggle that I see a lot of community leaders have when trying to onboard new members. 

✨ Pro Tip: It is recommended to ask your members as they enter or in discovery interviews about their learning style, tech background, and comfortability in using the mobile app or a desktop to access the network as these are very different experiences. 

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Validating your community concept

Using the notes, feedback, and observing your “ideal members” during interviews, surveys, or focus groups, you can take that data to put together what you’ve learned for what will work for your community structure.

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