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LIVE Interview: How to use Social Media to build an Online Community for your Brand

LIVE Interview: How to use Social Media to Build an Online Community for your Brand

Join the Find Calm Here Community for this LIVE Interview with Carolyn Zick Mighty Networks Host of The Bad Axe Biz Club and AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest

On Wednesday, July 27th at 12 PM EST, Carolyn will share her community journey in building, launching, and growing her Mighty Networks as well as how she helps community leaders market and promote their communities. 

She’ll give tips and strategies to avoid burnout and teach you to grow your online business, scale your community, and inspire others. 

Carolyn is a multi-passionate business owner and marketing nerd. She believes that you can be intentional and impactful online while respecting your mental health. Find her in her online communities: Bad Axe Biz Club and AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest.

To join us, simply email to receive the private calendar invitation with the zoom link. 

The past year has been a bumpy one for me on the journey and what I’ve learned the most is that instead of creating, building, and launching with complicated sales funnels, Facebook ads, tons of content, scheduled events, or even an actual Mighty Network fully set up — I just needed to ask people IF they want to gather, how they want to gather, and what would be helpful in our network to support them in transforming.

One year later, after trying to do all of the above-mentioned things, I realized that it is a lot simpler than I made it out to be — the online business industry has created unrealistic sets of standards and all anyone really needs to launch an online community right now is a few people who want to virtually hang out together.

So many people I talk to say that they need to have a gigantic email list, ads, funnels, and automation before they launch. If you are building a community, the only thing you need is people who are interested in the conversation you are having inside your space.

Without validation, creators can “Build it” but no one will “COME” into an online community that they don’t know they need.

So my best advice for anyone who is looking to build an online community on any platform is to talk to people on the phone, in Zoom, in person (since we can do that now) and on social media and ask them if they want to gather, what they can do together, and what would be helpful and that will lead to not only a sense of calm — but also leads to a solid plan for staying open after that first year. Read More

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