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Create Your Signature Talk 2

LIVE Interview: Create your signature talk with Suzi Hunn

Do you have a desire to share your message on podcasts, become a speaker, or build an audience on social media? 

Stop Putting Yourself Out There. Start Leading Dialogue.

On Wednesday, May 18th at 11 AM EST/ 8 AM PST, join FCH Community Member Suzi Hunn, Founder of Teach Your Thing, who will share her new workshop titled: Create Your Signature Talk. 

Suzi’s mission is to help small businesses change lives teaching what they know. Courses, workshops, and curricular materials are her jam.

She loved her 15 years as an educator at the Minnesota Historical Society. Since then, she’s developed engaging learning experiences for founders, authors, and corporate franchisees.

As a purpose-driven founder, how many times have you heard, “Put yourself out there!” The phrase implies a transaction, no relationship is required. 

But cultivating more meaning, impact, and profit means adopting the habit of leading dialogue. 

Suzi Hunn’s actionable talk will inspire you to take action on seeing marketing as a conversation:

  • Stop waiting till it’s all figured out and create consistently–blogs, social media, or newsletters.
  • Focus on the warm connections who know you and want to solve a problem you care about.
  • Attract higher-quality leads by turning your knowledge into a short webinar.


Send an email to to request the Zoom link and Calendar Invitation.   

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