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A Community of Purpose on LinkedIn

LIVE Interview: A Community of Purpose on LinkedIn to Build Relationships

Join the Find Calm Here Community for a LIVE Interview, and discover how to cultivate relationships on LinkedIn to gain clarity on your ideal members. On Thursday, July 14th at 12 PM EST join Deb Schell, the host of The Community Strategy Podcast for an interactive interview with John Morley who will share how he has built an online community on LinkedIn by offering awareness, bringing delight to the members, and offering value in authentic conversations. 

John is a self-proclaimed Serial Entrepreneur, International Professional Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, Radio Personality on Drive-Time Radio, and Global Marketing Specialist

He’s the CEO and Founder of The JMOR Connection, Inc as a Technology leader, Innovator, Thought Leader, Engineer & Marketer, his company helps customize the right solution for their business.

The values of his organization are security, trust, integrity, and professionalism.

Based in New Jersey, he serves small to the mid-sized organization in the area as well as offers remote solutions for organizations shifting to a fully-remote team. 

To join the interview, send an email to to request the private zoom link and calendar invitation. 

Tips for Ideal Member Surveys

According to Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence, the global online survey market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 16% through 2026. 

From recent research I’ve done, it seems like the best survey’s are those that keep things short, simple, make it easy to complete on a mobile device, including a visual or graphic image, and making the survey fun, among other tips.  

If you are looking for tech recommendations, I keep it simple and use Google Forms, but here’s an article that shares other tools

Consider that a survey, interviews, and collecting data can take place in many different ways, formats, and over a long period of time. 

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Validating your community concept

Using the notes, feedback, and observing your “ideal members” during interviews, surveys, or focus groups, you can take that data to put together what you’ve learned for what will work for your community structure.

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