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LIVE Interview A Community of Purpose on LinkedIn to Build Relationships 2

Leading a wellness community for healthcare workers

In this episode of the Community Strategy Podcast, you’ll hear a recording of an interview with Sarah Hines, the Host of Leading while Healing Network, who shares her community-building journey. 

She also just launched The Lodge Project, which you can learn more about or if you are interested, email her at As Deb’s client, Sarah, and Deb collaborated on the community strategy, structure, and design of the network. 

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Show Notes

1:26: Sarah explains the trauma healthcare workers faced throughout COVID, and the value of an online platform to connect with others going through the same experience. She mentions connecting with Deb to gain expertise in community building.

5:13: “And then at some point, I realized that you can do it, but can you do it well, and is this where you need to spend your time? And that’s when I was like I think I just need really smart people to help me, and that’s when I found you.”

7:44: Sarah explains trust through consistency is a large factor when dealing with sensitivity around immense trauma. Another differentiator is the community being a resource for employees within an organization. 

20:22: Missy asks about getting people to check one more platform initially when joining a community. Sarah mentions using short videos and other tools. Suzi also asks about categories and pricing.

35:30: Going deeper into confidentiality, Sarah speaks about focusing on the emotions, not the story. She talks about individual coaching around posting. 

44:26: Suzi asks about Sarah’s thoughts around content in the community. Sarah explains balancing the deeper emotional posts with  PDFs, and Deb chimes in with making content easy.

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