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Launch a Podcast Community on a Mighty Network in 30 Days!

Community Design + Strategy Services for Podcasters 🎙️

If you haven’t heard of it yet, YOU WILL! 

Mighty Networks is the best place to create your online community, LIVE Course, Community Cohort, and/or a Membership Community

If you are a creator, podcaster, author, speaker, writer, coach, or consultant, the Mighty Network is a great platform for you to bring together your audience, customers, clients, or fellow peers into a private, safe space that is off of social media.

If you are a community-builder and want to launch a Mighty Networks – OR just thinking about launching your first LIVE Course, Cohort, Mastermind, or membership – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! 

As a podcaster, you might be thinking that a community will give you the ability to not only bring in additional revenue but allow your audience to actually connect with you and each other!

If you are ready to move to Mighty Networks let me help you streamline the transition and help you launch your podcast community in 30 days! 

This structured 30-day program will get you set up in less time and have fun while doing it! 

After struggling with clarity on my community membership structure, strategy, and onboarding, I felt burnt out by the sheer amount of work that the community-building process took me in 2020.

A Mighty Networks can be built and launched in as little as 30 days and I’ve personally helped clients move their Facebook group programs, cohorts, mastermind groups, and courses to the Mighty Networks in 30-60 days. 

Why not just use a Facebook group? 

“64% of Americans say social media have a mostly negative effect on the way things are going in the U.S. today.” – Pew Research Center

Facebook Groups can be hard to manage and offer low or no engagement from members. 

Your members are most likely distracted when they login to Facebook due to notifications from other groups, posts, and messages.

If you are fighting the analytics on your Facebook Page to get members to your group you are wasting your valuable time and money!

“We found consistently that both liking others’ content and clicking links significantly predicted a subsequent reduction in self-reported physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.” – Harvard Business Review

Here is what is included in the 30-day program 

✨ Your Podcast Community built on Mighty Network FOR YOU 

✨ Weekly strategy and planning sessions to keep track of timelines 

✨ Tools, resources, and templates to support your efforts to find calm 

✨ Co-created content including “Welcome” and “Guidelines” Articles 

✨ Integration with Zoom, Email services, and connection to your website 

✨ An onboarding plan with a “Welcome Party” co-hosted with Deb 

✨ A roadmap for the next 30-90 days of your community journey 

✨Click HERE to Preview our Strategy Checklist

✨ Click HERE to preview our new client onboarding packet! 

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  1. The Client agrees to the Find Calm Here LLC Terms and Conditions outlined here by submitting payment
  2. The Client will review the Onboarding Packet Click HERE 
  3. The Client understands and agrees to keep the project to scope of work and will not ask the Consultant to do work outside of the scope of work outlined above and if this occurs, understands that the project could be terminated. 

Online Work Environment and Professional Guidelines

The Consultant expects that the Client respect the agreement stated in the package and will not, under any circumstances ask or tell the Consultant to do work that is outside the scope of the project outlined in the package. Asking or telling the Consultant to do or expecting the Consultant to complete work outside the scope of the project may lead to termination of the partnership without a refund and/or reimbursement. If at any time the Consultant is treated rudely (being yelled at, spoken to in a demeaning manner, sent demanding text or emails, and/or including demands) the Consultant can and will terminate the agreement with the Client without refund/reimbursement. 

Listen to a podcast episode about how to bring your audience together inside a Mighty Network

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“Deb helped me in just a short time transition my community to Mighty Networks. she helped dispel some preconceived notions about the platform, and I’m very happy to work with her on this move. Podcast Savants is live and growing!” 

– Mark Savant, Host of the After Hours Entrepreneur Podcast

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