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Get a FREE Strategy Session

✨ Get a FREE Strategy Session with this link!✨

If you haven’t heard of it yet, YOU WILL! 

Mighty Networks is the best place to create your online community, LIVE Course, Community Cohort, and/or a Membership Community

If you are a creator, podcaster, author, speaker, writer, coach, or consultant, the Mighty Network is a great platform for you to bring together your audience, customers, clients, or fellow peers into a private, safe space that is off of social media.

If you are a community-builder and want to launch a Mighty Networks – OR just thinking about launching your first LIVE Course, Cohort, Mastermind, or membership – YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE! 

Receive FREE MEMBERSHIP of the Find Calm Here Community for 3 Months (Value of $297) OR a 90-Minute Strategy Session when using Deb’s Mighty Network Link to set up your Mighty Network.

“The Strategy Session was very helpful in getting me clear on my pricing strategy and business model. Deb really knows her stuff and took the time to really understand my offer and help set me on the best course.” – Chris Frager, Host of the Remote and Thrive Community (January 2022)

  1. Create a Mighty Networks account (click here to sign up)
  2. Select a Community or Business Plan (click here to see pricing)
  3. Send an email to to book a session after your first paid month
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✨ Smart business leaders who are forward-thinking are already shifting off of Facebook. 

✨ You can start creating a community to scale your business to work with 20 people in 1 hour instead of 20 people in 20 hours. 

So the next challenge tends to be, “What is the right platform?”

How do I know which one is right for me with so many platforms out there? 

 I help fellow community builders on Mighty Networks

Here’s WHY: 

✨ ONE dedicated place to connect 

✨  NO distractions – Members log into YOUR APP and NOTHING ELSE! 

✨ NO Algorithms! You aren’t competing with anyone else! 

✨  NO one is left behind –  they don’t have to be “on” a social network 

 ✨  EARN Money Faster by experiencing better conversations 

✨  EXPERIENCE MORE ENGAGEMENT because they’ve invested 

✨ Cultivate DEEPER relationships with members 

✨ UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for creating programs and cohorts

Are you community curious?