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Find Calm creating your Mighty Network Community Strategy

Launching a Mighty Network can be overwhelming when wanting to create an awesome space for people to want to come and hang out with you. Creating content, onboarding, and leading live sessions can leave you feeling excited that your members are making transformations — or — can leave you wondering why they aren’t participating to the level you’d expected if that’s the case.

Wherever you fall on the spectrum with your Mighty Network, or even if you haven’t opened up the doors to your community yet, creating and customizing a community strategy for your member’s experience can be the most important component to ensuring you’ll be in the “I’m so excited my members are transforming” energetic mindset.

“No product is an island. A product is more than a product. It is a cohesive, integrated set of experiences. Think through all of the stages of a product or service — from initial intentions through final reflections, from the first usage to help, service, and maintenance. Make them all work together seamlessly.” — Don Norman, inventor of the term “User Experience”

I think it is helpful to picture your online community like your favorite coffee shop or store that you’d visit in your town or neighborhood. When you leave what do you say about that space? Is it a place to hang out?

I’ve put together a few tips on creating and implementing a UX for Mighty Network Hosts to use when building, launching, and growing their communities. The recommendations come from User Testing in a white paper titled Developing a business case for customer experience insights.

Member Experience (MX)

The Calm Method: Clarity, Awareness, Learning, Motion.

  • Clarity — Identify your current CX — start with listing out the CX insights that are available from survey responses, questions or comments in the course, emails you’ve received from potential or current members of your community, one-on-one interviews when a member joins and leaves a course, group, or network. Write out in a Google/Word/Spreadsheet or notebook all of the most impactful takeaways from this review to use for your sales pages, landing pages, plans, and bundles.
  • Awareness — Establish Alignment: Does the vision, plan, and tasks for leading your network reflect the voice of your members? If so, what has worked and how can this be multiplied for other areas of growth? If not, how can you connect the community vision with the member experience?
  • Learning — Identify touchpoints — How do members learn, connect, interact, and participate with you? Website, Network, Phone/Video calls, Course content
  • Motion — Adjust where you want to improve in the user ex for your network and make a 6-month plan on how you’ll put actions into place over time to get improved results

About Me

I’m Deb Schell, creator, and host of the Find Calm Here Community, a Mighty Network. In 2020 I launched my first community and found it to be my passion, and a new career! I started my consulting agency and have worked with more than 20 Mighty Network Hosts over the past year!

Find Calm with building your Mighty Network with tools & resources that I use with my clients to help you have a successful launch, grow your membership, and tackle any challenge with the support of peers in a safe space that’s affordable and enjoyable.

Inside the Find Calm Here Community, I bring together Mighty Network Hosts who feel overwhelmed with launching a community, cultivating contribution, and creating an onboarding plan with the tools, resources, and support they need to find calm so that they can confidently create a community on the platform.

On the Find Calm Here Podcast, I interview Mighty Network Hosts who’ve found calm through the process of building, launching, and growing their communities.

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