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Find Calm connecting with collaborators and asking for help

It’s been a crazy few months trying to get together my new website, relaunch my community, and build my consulting business all at the same time. I thought that I needed to do it on my own, but the truth that I learned recently is that I’ve got what I need right in front of me to create content, cultivate connection, and grow my business.

Over the past year, I’ve networked with so many amazing community builders who’ve supported me along the way as I built, launched, and am now working to grow the Find Calm Here Community.

Connecting with Collaborators

I’ve met a few community consultants like myself throughout the past year. Some industries would consider keeping distance between competitors, but I don’t see other community consultants as competitors, I see them as advisors, connectors, and people with whom I can collaborate for the greater good of the community industry.

When deciding to relaunch my community for community-builders, I didn’t have a ton of content or a plan for what to offer besides a monthly strategy session and Q&A. 

What then happened was members helped me build the content that I now offer inside my paid community

I believe that the future of online communities will thrive on “Tribes” — smaller online communities with a specific interest, intention, focus, instruction, or practice.

Inside a community of peers who are all going on the same “journey” and being surrounded with people who are in all stages has helped me transform and I know that is how others have changed their life.

Anyone can put content on social media and tell people something — but the really inspiring work is helping people inside a private space and encouraging, inspiring, and giving them the support they need to thrive.

Asking for help

This has become more important to me in the past six months as I work on dealing with my anxiety, depression, and the challenges of being a solo entrepreneur working from home in a small apartment. I started to realize that I needed help — luckily I knew a few people who might be able to help me since I’m really struggling to do it myself.

So I asked for help from people in my network, with connections I recently met. And amazingly they all wanted to help me succeed, feel happier, and be healthy. Sometimes I have all I need to be successful in my quest of life, and as I wander this space, find calm in knowing that there are people who are willing and want to help me.

It’s okay to ask for help, and to use the tools right in front of you! 

I’ve learned this the hard way — hopefully, you’ll find some calm in seeing these tools as an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and help each other create some happiness in the world.

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