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Move your Facebook Group to Mighty Networks

If you’ve been leading a Facebook group and know that you don’t want to stay on Facebook, this program is for you! 

“64% of Americans say social media have a mostly negative effect on the way things are going in the U.S. today.” – Pew Research Center

Facebook Groups can be hard to manage and offer low or no engagement from members. 

Your members are most likely distracted when they login to Facebook due to notifications from other groups, posts, and messages.

If you are fighting the analytics on your Facebook Page to get members to your group you are wasting your valuable time and money!

“We found consistently that both liking others’ content and clicking links significantly predicted a subsequent reduction in self-reported physical health, mental health, and life satisfaction.” – Harvard Business Review

✨ Smart business leaders who are forward-thinking are already shifting off of Facebook. 

✨ You can start creating a community to scale your business to work with 20 people in 1 hour instead of 20 people in 20 hours. 

Why Mighty Networks will help you scale

Mighty Networks

How do I know which one is right for me with so many platforms out there? 

The platform I’ve used to build my online paid community and the one I help fellow community builders on is Mighty Networks

Here’s WHY: 

✨ ONE dedicated place to connect 

✨  NO distractions – Members log into YOUR APP and NOTHING ELSE! 

✨ NO Algorithms! You aren’t competing with anyone else! 

✨  NO one is left behind –  they don’t have to be “on” a social network 

✨  EARN Money Faster by experiencing better conversations 

✨  EXPERIENCE MORE ENGAGEMENT because they’ve invested 

✨ Cultivate DEEPER relationships with members 

✨ UNLIMITED POTENTIAL for creating programs and cohorts

Mighty Networks can be built and launched in as little as 30 days and I’ve personally helped clients move their Facebook group programs, cohorts, mastermind groups, and courses to the Mighty Networks in 30-60 days. 

After struggling with clarity on my community membership structure, strategy, and onboarding, I felt burnt out by the sheer amount of work that the community-building process took me in 2020. 

With my experience, let me help you find calm in the process by offering a structured 60-day program. 

Here is what is included in the 60-day program 

✨ Your Facebook group program moved over to a Mighty Network for you 

✨ Weekly strategy and planning sessions to keep track of timelines 

✨ Tools, resources, and templates to support your efforts to find calm 

✨ Co-created content including “Welcome” and “Our Purpose” Articles 

✨ Tech integration with Zoom, Email Marketing services, and connection to your website 

✨ An onboarding plan with a “Welcome Party” co-hosted with Deb for any tech questions 

✨ A roadmap for the next 30-90 days of your community journey 

Create a community, membership, GO LIVE, build a course, launch a mastermind, bring members together with interactive events, and MORE!

NEW features for Mighty Networks Hosts include: 

✨ Go LIVE to your members

✨ Zoom Integration 

✨  Zapier automation

✨ Group Chats 

✨ Charge in multiple currency

Learn how Jackie moved her coaching program in 30 days

Jackie Cote

Listen to this podcast episode with Jackie

Ready to get started?

Smiling female employee holding video conference call with colleagues.

Move a Group Coaching Program to a Mighty Network –  Over 8 weeks Deb will help you to move your coaching program to Mighty Networks. You’ll find calm in the community-building process by working with a structured 60-day program to get you set up in less time and have fun while doing it!

Find Calm LLC T&C

  1. The Client is responsible for travel, lodging, and meals if interviews are taking place in person. 
  2. The Client agrees to the Find Calm Here LLC Terms and Conditions outlined here by selecting this package.
  3. The Client will review the Onboarding Packet Click HERE 
  4. The Client understands and agrees to keep the project to scope of work and will not ask the Consultant to do work outside of the scope of work outlined above and if this occurs, understands that the project could be terminated. 

Online Work Environment and Professional Guidelines

The Consultant expects that the Client respect the agreement stated in the package and will not, under any circumstances ask or tell the Consultant to do work that is outside the scope of the project outlined in the package. Asking or telling the Consultant to do or expecting the Consultant to complete work outside the scope of the project may lead to termination of the partnership without a refund and/or reimbursement. If at any time the Consultant is treated rudely (being yelled at, spoken to in a demeaning manner, sent demanding text or emails, and/or including demands) the Consultant can and will terminate the agreement with the Client without refund/reimbursement.