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Creating a vision for your Mighty Network

As a Mighty Networks Host, you’ve got to wear several “hats” with different types of role responsibility all rolled up into a team of one.

As you build, launch, and grow your Mighty Network, you may want to start thinking of how to streamline and systematize tasks to help you in managing your time.

The Community Host has a vision and desired outcomes while the Community Manager takes the vision and goals set by the host, and creates a plan for building contribution, engagement, and gathers ideas from the community for improving the member experience as well as keeping members in the community.

Here are some examples of benchmarks or goals you might choose to include in your vision:

  • Boost in membership after the first launch

  • Improving the number of participants during live virtual events

  • Building community contribution and engagement

  • Increase in brand awareness, getting members to know your offerings

  • Increase in customer satisfaction and retention

  • Convert members from free or one-time payments to recurring memberships

In this article, I will break down the SPACES model created by CMX to identify key touchpoints you will want to focus on and metrics to review progress from launching your network to growing membership.

Thinking of these as two separate roles may allow you to find a way to streamline your own process by breaking down tasks into roles. I’ve customized this to fit the frame of Mighty Networks as that is a unique lens through which to view.

Support — Is your Mighty Network a place for members to answer questions and solve problems for each other? Usually, if you have a support network it would be bundled with a course or some kind of training, and instead of a host or community manager answering questions, the goal is to reduce the need for customer support by connecting members to help each other. This is the main goal in any Mighty Network but it doesn’t happen without a plan for building connections between members.

Q: How can you connect your members in order for them to begin supporting each other?

Products — Does your Mighty Network revolve around a product or service specifically to improve your brand? It could be possible that your network is a place to gather information for new ideas on products or services that add additional benefits for the user. You could consider your course as a digital product (because it is) so the concept might be to connect members by asking them after a course how it can be improved, what are additional offerings they would be interested in participating in or reaching out to them to ensure they found the course valuable.

Q: How could you use your digital course to gain ideas, feedback, and new students?

Advocacy — You’d like to build membership with the help of current members by creating an ambassador program. It’s more powerful to have your members invite people into your network and offering a great referral program could help you do this without having to reach out yourself.

The Mighty Networks does have an Ambassador program that allows for customizing rewards. Once a member hits a level, they are notified that they can ask for a specific reward that was offered in the program. There are varied ways to offer rewards and it is ultimately up to the host on what makes sense for the community. Asking members what they’d like in an ambassador program might be helpful. You could also customize your own program based on your own desire to achieve results that fit your goals. Here’s a link to some more resources for ambassador and affiliate programs.

Q: How do your members already support you by sharing your network? If they don’t, have you asked them why?

Content — A community strategy is important to determine the kind of content your community is interested in and will contribute to as a member of your Mighty Network. It is helpful to consider asking your MVM (most valuable members) who are already contributing to the content in your community what they find valuable and asking them for specific content contributions that also align with your vision for the community.

Q: How do members contribute and is their content related to your vision for the network?

Engagement — Community gives people a sense of belonging and connects people with similar interests, values, and desires to transform. Creating a thriving community that is active requires identifying what members like, desire, want, and have time for. Sometimes members are only interested in consuming content, others are interested in sharing, connecting, and helping each other. You can measure engagement in several ways and it isn’t just if people are posting on the home page or in the activity feed of a course, although that is one way.

Q: Are members showing up to live virtual events, sharing their experiences, connecting with others in the community, or answering questions or polls? If not, how else might they be participating in engagement?

Success — If your community goes beyond just fielding questions and actively increases value in the network then you could look at how to encourage your members to help each other level up their experience by combining some upsells to higher courses or programs, creating a VIP or Veterans group that would connect on a higher level, or look at how the levels of content you currently offer bring in new members or keep current members.

Q: What are your members doing to level up their experience or share valuable content that is consumed by other members? Could you develop a core membership group focused on higher learning?

If you are interested in learning more, you can read the full article here.


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Inside the Find Calm Here Community, I bring together Mighty Network Hosts who feel overwhelmed with launching a community, cultivating contribution, and creating an onboarding plan with the tools, resources, and support they need to find calm so that they can confidently create a community on the platform.

Find Calm with building your Mighty Network with tools & resources that I use with my clients to help you have a successful launch, grow your membership, and tackle any challenge with the support of peers in a safe space that’s affordable and enjoyable.

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