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Member Spotlight

Missy Steffens joined the Find Calm Here Community in December of 2021. Since then she’s been an active member and continues to contribute by leading a book club inside our community. 

Missy is a Community Manager for Own Your Brilliance, a Mighty Network that brings together courageous women stepping into the possibility of the best version of themselves. The community supports female leaders in learning to trust their inner wisdom in order to create lasting transformation. 

OYB Host, Lisa Pepper-Satkin, is the Founder of Executive Therapeutic Coaching and Consulting and is a  Brené Brown, Certified Dare To Lead™ Facilitator. Lisa coaches these women to get out of their own way, let go of limiting beliefs and achieve big things in a safe space. She believes that working together in a community exponentially expands what is possible.

Lisa brought Missy into the community and asked her and Deb to collaborate on the task of building and growing Own Your Brilliance

Since then, Missy says her biggest success in 2021 was assisting with the launch of OYB after having experience managing several Facebook communities. 

She helps facilitate conversations in several areas of OYB and has already been asked to provide input on a few other Mighty Networks that a few of her friends lead. 

Missy says the next challenge for her is creating engagement inside the community. 

“I would like to strengthen the member connections by doing several of the things Deb has taught us and I will start with interviewing some of our members as part of a networking project.

In addition to tackling community building and community engagement, Missy is looking to create systems to automate the onboarding process for members.  

“By the end of 2022, my goal is for each group to be consistently active and for members to feel comfortable posting and engaging not just with my posts, but with the content they create.”

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