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Community Life with Deb Schell

Community Life with Deb Schell

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Yurii Lazaruk, Host of Community Life Podcast during an interview discussing my life’s journey from photography, to journalism, to my parents, to lessons I’ve learned. 

Yurii is also a Community Manager at Code Control, as well as a Community Consultant and a part of the Community Consultants Collective inside the Find Calm Here Community!  The photo that he decided to use is from a photo shoot during a wedding in 2019 with my friend Mariko. It’s on my Instagram account. A photo booth series with props. 

Show Notes

1:02 This interview starts with Deb and Yurii talking about movies, the fact that Deb’s a self-proclaimed “clean freak” and how Deb’s started several businesses including a cleaning business. 

4:50 Deb gives insights on her childhood experiences including growing up, fun adventures with her dad, and exciting news for an upcoming hot air balloon ride planned for August with her sister, to celebrate her 40th birthday. 

13:24 Being part of a Table Tennis Club, Deb explains how she’s participated in a local Central Pennsylvania Table Tennis Club as well as had an “unofficial coach.” 

23:42 Traveling to Alaska as a teenager, Deb shares the fun tasks she was assigned to do while on a mission trip with her grandfather. 

27:49 The Photo Slide Curtain Project: How, Why, and When Deb created this slide curtain. 

34:35 Camping adventures and gearing up for some weekends at Pennsylvania State Parks and her art journal.

48:41 Affirmations and the Rage Create Domination Deck shifting the challenges in my life with morning routines and the 10 Percent Happier app.

52:19 Pivoting from travel writing to building Find Calm Here through virtual events. 

1:03:29 Mood boards, minimalism, and organization to live in a home that brings Deb calm each day. 

1:07:45 Artwork exhibits and the art scene in the Central Pennsylvania area. 

1:09:13 Demolition Derby and spending time with friends. 

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