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Community Leaders Magazine, April Edition

CL Magazine April 22

I’m excited to announce that in the April 2022 edition of Community Leaders Magazine, I’m listed as a Community Consultant among many well-respected community professionals.

Click here to see the issue and learn more. 

This is such an honor, thank you to Heidi Williams, who reached out to me in regards to including me in this issue.  

Please visit the Community Leaders Institute and discover so many more online community resources!


This edition includes:

  • The Periodic Table of Community Strategy
  • Community Growth Tactics
  • Community Coaches & Consultants: Your Go-To Guide
  • Optimizing Community Operations
  • CMX’s State of the Industry Report 2022 Key Findings
  • Mapping community value-creation to business goals
  • How to measure community-attributed revenue
  • Managing a Blockchain Community
  • The Transformative Power of Communities of Practice
  • Audience data; the new currency of community
  • The human cost of video meetings – and what to do about it

Build Your Online Community with Find Calm Here’s Deb Schell

In this episode of the Thoughtful Entrepreneur, your host Josh Elledge speaks to the Creator and Founder of Find Calm Here, Deb Schell. Deb helps entrepreneurs build online communities with newfound peace and ease. Deb shares that having a thriving online community while running a successful business can be chaos. She wanted to help other entrepreneurs find calm in running an online business, so Find Calm Here began as a wellness community. The more people joined, the more she realized there she filled a need – she helped guide entrepreneurs to create and utilize their own self-made communities. Now, that’s what she does with the Find Calm Here community. 

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Validating your community concept

Using the notes, feedback, and observing your “ideal members” during interviews, surveys, or focus groups, you can take that data to put together what you’ve learned for what will work for your community structure.

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