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Join us for a Mini Community Leader Wellness Retreat

As an online community leader, it has been challenging to juggle personal and professional tasks over the past two years. 

Many leaders feel overwhelmed with building, launching, and growing. 

I’m one of them. 

With that in mind, I want to offer a refreshing and energizing experience specifically for community leaders.

At 11 AM EST on June 20th we will kick off a 2-hour wellness mini-retreat hosted by six community leaders and fellow members of the Find Calm Here Community. 

During this event, community leaders will share tips, success stories, challenges, and how to avoid burnout and overwhelm as a community professional. 

This is a FREE event, but registration is required. 

Speakers & Agenda

Welcome & Find Calm Here 2-Year Anniversary - 11 - 11:15 AM EST

Deb Photo 2022

As the host of the Find Calm Here Community, Deb will share her community journey. We will offer a time for attendees to share what brought them here, and offer tips, resources, and support that have helped Deb find calm in the past two years. 

Deb is a community strategist, consultant, designer, and podcaster who launched the FCH Community in June of 2020. After a 4-hour virtual summit with 15 speakers, she had ZERO paid members. 

The lessons learned since then have allowed Deb to begin a consulting business, launch a successful podcast, and relaunch a global paid online community for leaders, consultants, and managers. 

Mindfully Marketing your Community 11:15 - 11:30 AM EST


Carolyn Zick of Bad Axe Enterprises will help you find calm with marketing your online community. She’ll give  tips and strategies that avoid burnout and teach you to grow your online business, scale your community, and inspire others along the way. 


Carolyn is a multi-passionate business owner and marketing nerd. She believes that you can be intentional and impactful online while respecting your mental health. Find her in her online communities: Bad Axe Biz Club and AMIDST Creatives of the Midwest.

Essential Oils for Community Leaders 11:30 - 11:45 AM EST

ll headshots 2020 05 crop Leah Light

Join DoTERRA Wellness Advocate, Leah Light, as she shares specific oils to assist remote work.

Leah is a Natural Solutions Enthusiast who loves sharing the benefits of a natural lifestyle with others. Leah experienced health obstacles from a young age and always felt there had to be a way to address the root of the problem rather than only treating the symptoms. 

There are many approaches to and facets of healing.. Essential oils are one of the tools you can add to your wellness toolbox!

Self-Care for Community Builders
11:45 AM - 12 PM EST


Nivi Achanta, CEO and founder of Soapbox Project will be covering how to set up a self-care system to sustain your work, time, and energy.

Soapbox Project makes it easy for busy people like you to create a positive social impact. Our lightweight climate justice funnel starts with bite-sized climate action plans, scales up through monthly action hours, and engages people further through a membership community focused on local action. 

When I’m not writing, speaking, teaching, or building community, you can find me in Seattle reading books, kayaking, baking sourdough, or trying to keep my plants alive.

12 -12:15 - Break

Neck Pain Relief Tips
12:15 - 12:30 PM EST

Ani Latest pic Ani Papazyan

Ani Papazyan of Last Stop 4 Pain will be discussing the sources of our pain in the neck. She’ll give recommendations and a self-help technique or two for neck pain relief. 

One lucky raffle winner will receive free access to her online course, a $297 value.

Through self-help techniques, suggestions, and recommendations I empower my clients to take control of their health, take charge of their habits, and make informed lifestyle choices. My primary focus is to help them see that living with pain does not have to be their new norm. By taking consistent small steps they can live a happy, healthy, and pain free life.

Meditation as a Practice for Self-Care 12:30 - 12:45 PM EST

IMG 1625 300x300 Carol Chapman

After an overview of her own experience with the practice, Carol will lead everyone through a guided meditation to help us tap into our hearts.

After a successful corporate career, I felt a calling towards something more impactful, meaningful, and spiritual in a sense that fit me. By most people’s gauge of success, I was already very fortunate, but the attainment of a better title, more money, or other marks of status couldn’t fulfill me. Instead, I felt empty and exhausted.

Sharing, connecting, and an invitation for non-FCH Community members
12:45 - 1 PM EST

FCH Celebrate 2 YRS

As we conclude our wellness retreat, Deb will offer a special invitation to any non-members of the Find Calm Here Community!

 For June and July, Deb is offering new members the previous membership price of $47/month. Sign up from June 1st to August 1st. 

Community Member Testimonials

 “Thank you Deb Schell for your generosity. Your Calm Guide is very helpful. I love being a member of your community as well. You really do help to bring calm to community builders. And when we are calm we are better able to serve our members and ultimately grow our communities. I especially appreciate your knowledge of Mighty Networks. 

Even though I have taken the MN Community Builder course (several times) and the Refresher you have helped me to organize my approach, structure my plan and you can answer the tech questions for me in real-time, and in-person (zoom). I love Gina and the team and what they have built and our building and how they keep us informed. It is an amazing platform. I also appreciate the online support and the “stories of awesome”. However, it doesn’t bring me calm. You have helped me to take what we have built and gain clarity, you will help me to scale, and keep me calm in the process. Thank you.”

 – Mary Elizabeth Murphy, Host of STAR Resources (August 2021)

“Deb is very responsive, professional, purpose-driven, and solutions-focused. She’s also a kind, delightful, and compassionate human being to work with. Her energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge of community building and the Mighty Networks platform are amazing. Her one-on-one consulting is outstanding. I have learned so much from her and have greatly benefited by being a part of her Find Calm Here Community and Mighty Mastermind for community builders. I highly recommend Deb to anyone who wants to launch, build and grow a community.” 

– Carol Chapman, Host of the Hearts Rise Up Community (January 2021)

“This mastermind is a great place where you meet professionals that are on the same path as you. They come from different industries, and use different approaches, some are a few steps ahead of you, and some are behind. This is a place where you learn, get ideas, connect, build friendships, business relationships and grow as a person and as a professional.” 

– Ani Papazyan, Find Calm Here Community Member (December 2020)


 “Deb is so knowledgeable and she loves sharing what she’s learned with others. From community building to podcasts and lots in between. I’m thrilled to have been included in the Mighty Mastermind! She brought together amazing hosts who learned so much from her and each other.” 

– Joanne Flynn Black, Host of the LaunchB4 Community (December 2020)