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Community Consultants Collective

I’m in search of fellow community consultants who may want to join the Community Consultant Collective!

Who we are:
A collective of community consultants who help businesses, companies, organizations, leaders, and others build, launch, and grow successful online communities. We connect monthly via zoom to discuss challenges with starting out as a community consultant, finding clients, pricing, negotiation, and creating our unique community consulting processes and structures.

Where we connect: 
We have a cohort within the Find Calm Here Community between our virtual monthly calls, held on the first Wednesday of each month. 

Members are provided with a personal invitation in order to participate in sharing tools, resources, and watching the recordings of our past sessions. (Membership as a consultant is free with the private invitation after a 1:1 discussion with Deb to see if the collective is a good fit for you.) 

Call Structure
We host an interactive virtual call on Zoom and split out into breakout rooms to offer more time to help each other by offering challenges, asking for feedback, and sharing what’s working in our consulting business. 

A few questions we ask: 

What kind of clients do/did you work with in regard to community consulting?

Ask – What would help you in your consulting biz or current role?

Give – How can you help one of us or the group?

Are you interested? 

Send me an email at to learn more and to join our next session. 



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