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Community Consultant Roundtable

Join me for the CMX Berlin Chapter, Community Consultant Roundtable

There are a lot of community professionals out there who either want a side gig on top of their full-time work, or they want to have more freedom and not be tied to one company. This is where consulting comes in. This roundtable discussion will bring together current consultants alongside  those who want to be consultants, in order to share info and resources on how to become a consultant and what working life looks like. Here are the topics we’ll discuss:


1.) Understanding the difference between Freelance and Consulting

2.) How to land consulting gigs

3.) How to be successful and confident once on the job.

4.) Understanding the scope of the work expected from a consultant

4.) How to use your first project to get your next project

5.) Open Q+A from attendees

Member Experience (MX) The Calm Method: Clarity, Awareness, Learning, Motion.

I’ve put together a few tips on creating and implementing a UX for Mighty Network Hosts to use when building, launching, and growing their communities. The recommendations come from User Testing in a white paper titled Developing a business case for customer experience insights.

  • Clarity — Identify your current CX — start with listing out the CX insights that are available from survey responses, questions or comments in the course, emails you’ve received from potential or current members of your community, one-on-one interviews when a member joins and leaves a course, group, or network. Write out in a Google/Word/Spreadsheet or notebook all of the most impactful takeaways from this review to use for your sales pages, landing pages, plans, and bundles.
  • Awareness — Establish Alignment: Does the vision, plan, and tasks for leading your network reflect the voice of your members? If so, what has worked and how can this be multiplied for other areas of growth? If not, how can you connect the community vision with the member experience?
  • Learning — Identify touchpoints — How do members learn, connect, interact, and participate with you? Website, Network, Phone/Video calls, Course content
  • Motion — Adjust where you want to improve in the user ex for your network and make a 6-month plan on how you’ll put actions into place over time to get improved results

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The Widest Net: Session 4 with Pamela Slim + Join Agcongay

“Community is the earth, water, air, and sunshine for our sense of belonging and purpose. It is the ecosystem – the set of people, places, structures, organizations, resources, and behaviors – that allow us to feel like we are seen, heard, understood, and valued, and where we find the tools to reach our goals.”

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