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Circle App New Features

Circle: New Features make it easy to find calm + build your community

Circle has announced some great new features for Community Hosts and I’m sharing a few key features here that I find are awesome! As a new community builder, many of my clients ask me how to keep their members coming back to the platform. One of the ways to create engagement and excitement about your community is to offer live streams. This can be hard to find time to do, but it just got easier with Circle! 

Schedule your live streams

Circle’s events and live stream features now work together seamlessly! Andrew Guttormsent (Co-Fonder of Circle) shares in this recent article about how to schedule a live stream in advance. Co-hosts and/or moderators inside your Circle can also set up live streams in advance of the event to encourage attendance!

Events just got easier, and intuitive

Creating an event just got easier with the new workflow. The new system allows you to see attendees, get notifications, and create sharable links to promote your community event on social media. 


Draft mode keeps your community content from vanishing

Never lose your content again! All events can now be drafted and saved for publishing later. Once you save a draft, it appears in your drafts tab. 

Get Inspired with the Community Events Playbook from Circle

Find Calm getting your daily dose with Jeff Turner, a Circle Host

I’m happy to introduce Jeff Turner, founder of Fit2Play, he helps his coaching clients improve the way they move, look, and feel. 

He helps his clients continually improve health, performance, and longevity to live a stronger, longer life. He’s just launched his new community on Circle

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