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Find Calm connecting with collaborators and asking for help

It’s been a crazy few months trying to get together my new website, relaunch my community, and build my consulting business all at the same time. I thought that I needed to do it on my own, but the truth that I learned recently is… Read More »Find Calm connecting with collaborators and asking for help

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Creating a vision for your Mighty Network

The Community Host has a vision and desired outcomes while the Community Manager takes the vision and goals set by the host, and creates a plan for building contribution, engagement, and gathers ideas from the community for improving the member experience as well as keeping members in the community.

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Find Calm creating your Mighty Network Community Strategy

Wherever you fall on the spectrum with your Mighty Network, or even if you haven’t opened up the doors to your community yet, creating and customizing a community strategy for your member’s experience can be the most important component to ensuring you’ll be in the “I’m so excited my members are transforming” energetic mindset.