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Find Calm Here Guide

What is Tech Integration and how does it help community builders?

Technology integration is the use of technology tools to allow community-builders to organize content, schedule, plan, create content, and manage the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks inside your community. As a community strategist, I believe it is important to align your community goals with your… Read More »What is Tech Integration and how does it help community builders?

The Community Strategy Podcast V

55: Find Calm creating a purposeful community with Ayelet Baron

In this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast, I speak with Ayelet Baron! She’s passionate about helping others become aware of and unleash their ability to create a fulfilling life by learning to trust in their hearts and tap into their imagination. Ayelet is a multi-award-winning author of the F*ck the Bucket List trilogy, and Our Journey to Corporate Sanity.


Community🎙 ️Podcasts for community builders

If you are a podcast listener and a community builder, check out these great podcasts with tons of resources, links, and support to help you in any stage of community-building. As a listener, I’ve learned so much about community building, leadership, and strategy from leaders… Read More »Community🎙 ️Podcasts for community builders

The Business of Belonging

Community-building 📖 Book Review: The Business of Belonging

I’ve put together some of my favorite quotes, questions, and some links to the CMX website with frameworks that have helped so many companies with building an online community and I believe these frameworks can be converted to helping entrepreneurs approach community-building with logic and intentionality through alignment of business and community goals.