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The Community Strategy Podcast

The nexus where online community strategy meets intentionality. The Community Strategy Podcast (CSP) offers interactive interviews with online community leaders who share their community-building journey. 

Our podcast covers community concept, community building, community strategy, community structure, community membership, and community management. We deep dive into the best ways to launch with platform reviews, give our thoughts on cultivating engagement, and the keys to identifying ideal members who will keep coming back and become super supporters. 

Launched: October 2020

Format: Interview Style, Conversational, Informational, Storytelling, Inspiring


Purpose: As a community strategist, community designer, and community leader, I’ve discovered how challenging and stressful it can be to launch an online community with little to no direction, support, or easy-to-implement tasks. 


Our vision is to help listeners create a community strategy that connects members, drives engagement, and creates collaborations through transformations.


Our WHY: We believe that Social Media needs a shift from the current conglomerate technology designed to distract and disrupt – to deeper online social connection within purpose-driven, private paid online communities led by leaders who bring together like-minded members for transformation to better their life, career, relationships, and wellbeing.

Community Strategy Podcast Host, Deb Schell

Launching the podcast in 2020 (Previously as the Find Calm Here Podcast) Deb Schell has interviewed over 85 community leaders

Deb is the Creator of Find Calm Here LLC —  A Community Strategist and Consultant, she is skilled with supporting founders, community leaders, and executives find calm while on their community-building journey.

Combined with 20 years of experience as a journalist, travel writer, professional photographer, business owner, and marketing expert, she’s skilled at identifying your vision and bringing it to life. 

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Our Ideal Guest for the CSP

Our ideal guest: An Online Community Leader willing to share their journey. 

A few questions we will ask if you are accepted as a guest: 

– What brought you to deciding to lead an online community? 

– When did you know that you really wanted to connect with others more intentionally? 

– Any challenges you can share and how you overcame them? 

– What advice could you give yourself, if you could go back to when you first started?

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