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August FCH Community Newsletter: Clarity on your Community Structure

A lot is going on inside the FCH Community this month and I’m excited to share some news.

The FCH Community is now FREE for all community leaders. 

I’ve decided to offer this support community as a place to find calm and to offer you a place to feel you can come and share your challenges as we enter into a difficult time to be a business owner.

The theme for the month is structure, so we will be discussing ways to set up an online community including LIVE Courses, Challenges, Coaching Groups, and more!

In addition, I will be sharing more tips for community leaders across a variety of platforms as I’ve partnered with Circle and Disciple.

As I work on the new workbook I’m creating for community leaders, I can’t wait to talk to you about what has helped you find calm.


– Deb

August Events

Tuesday, August 2, 16, 30 – 1 PM EST Book Study: The Widest Net

Wednesday, August 3rd – 12 PM EST Community Consultants Collective Session

Friday, August 12 – 12 PM EST Alignment of your community structure with your strengths

Friday, August 26 – 12 PM EST LIVE Interview: Leading a Global Mindfulness Community

Thursday, August 25th – 2 PM EST Monthly Strategy Session and Accountability with Deb

CMX Summit Recap for Blog

Episode 87: CMX Summit Recap with Deb Schell

In this episode of the Community Strategy Podcast, host Deb Schell shares her notes and thoughts from the recent CMX Summit which she attended virtually on September 14th and 15th and attended several sessions in addition to networking with the world’s largest group of community builders.

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The Widest Net: Session 4 with Pamela Slim + Join Agcongay

“Community is the earth, water, air, and sunshine for our sense of belonging and purpose. It is the ecosystem – the set of people, places, structures, organizations, resources, and behaviors – that allow us to feel like we are seen, heard, understood, and valued, and where we find the tools to reach our goals.”

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