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A Community Strategist who helps entrepreneurs find calm building

The Find Calm Here Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to bring calm to 1,000 female community leaders to build, launch, and grow online paid communities in 2022.

The future of the community industry will be creators and entrepreneurs who lead online communities with clarity, awareness, learning, and motion to make an impact globally and locally. 

We believe that Social Media needs a shift away from the current technology designed to distract and disrupt us.

So that we can find deeper online social connections within purpose-driven, private paid online communities led by leaders who bring together like-minded members for transformation to better their life, career, relationships, and wellbeing.

A common misconception about online communities is that a creator, entrepreneur, or business owner needs to have a large (thousands of followers) social media presence and a massive number of subscribers on their email list before they can consider building a paid online community that offers passive income and time freedom. 

This is simply not true. 

Smart creators, entrepreneurs, leaders, coaches, authors, and speakers know that creating an engaged community that offers members support, tools, and accountability, can be done in as little as 3 months and can bring in thousands of dollars. Learn how we can help you find calm in the process of building, launching, or growing your paid online community with ease. 

The story behind Find Calm Here

In June of 2020, I launch my community with a 4-hour virtual summit and 15 speakers. At the end of my “launch weekend” I had ZERO paid members. I felt like a failure. A few weeks later, fellow community builders reached out to ask for my help with their community structure, strategy, and content. I then realized my ability to use my background in sales, marketing, photography, design, copywriting, and problem-solving to help others. Now that I’ve experienced the struggle, I help take the “guesswork” out of community-building for clients. Together we find calm in the process of building, launching, and growing a paid online community.

I am passionate about building authentic relationships with meaningful content, intentional community design, and a supportive and engaging community. I believe social media is for a “wide” audience to get your message to people who don’t know you – The community is to go “deep” with your “ideal members” who want to invest in transformation and need your help and the support of peers who are all on the same journey together.

I’ve learned that it can take MONTHS to figure out the best community strategy.  Most new community builders struggle to launch because they are overwhelmed with the platform, don’t have the time, and want to scale their business but just don’t have the know-how. This means they miss out on making money that they could charge by launching faster, growing sooner, and creating transformation for their members.  

The focus of “finding calm” is attractive to entrepreneurs because they want to feel calmer in their business, not overwhelmed with learning a new platform or doing more work than they aren’t passionate about doing. 

Working with me, you’ll have a solid plan that you can feel confident about and focus on what you do best, while I support you with the community strategy, structure, and offer guidance on keeping community content simple for you and your members.  

– Deb Schell, Creator of The Find Calm Here Community  

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