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10 Essential Tips to Help you Find Calm

10 Essential Tips for community leaders

Last week I wrote a blog post about How to find calm as a community leader as part of the Mental Awareness Month (May). 

I am continuing that series of content with a “Top 10” list for community leaders. Below are some simple frameworks to consider as an online community leader, host, or manager. 

10 Tips for community leaders

  1. Keep it simple, the easier it is for you to explain it, the better people will understand it, whatever “it” is.

  2. Identify your community strategy and structure, and research before you go live with an idea. 

  3. Validation is the best way to test your idea by offering beta members, founding members, and past clients a place to share their feedback with you. 

  4. Ask for help. No matter what it is, someone will be able to help you, and it is worth your time to find them. Once you make the right connection, you will never try to “do it all” again. 

  5. Seek out communities that bring you joy, peace, and calm. I have found communities that I enjoy being a “community enhancer” in, and it is a valuable resource. 

  6. Start with self-care. I encourage you to start every day with yourself in mind first. Find a moment to meditate, pray, journal, or relax with a cup of tea or coffee. You’ll feel better in your communication with your team, clients, and potential audience. 

  7. Schedule as much as possible ahead of time. Block your calendar with times that are non-negotiable for you. That means not even answering calls from your mom or your sister because you’ve turned off your phone to disconnect for “you time.”

  8. Find ways to connect with your community members in your own way. Ask the members how much they’d like to connect with you so you can have a frame of reference. Sometimes as leaders, we feel like we need to be involved in the community all the time. I’ve learned that my members will join when they are available.

  9.  The average touchpoint with my members is one time per week. It might be different for your community, but you may not need to be posting every day. It might be that your members aren’t able to check into your community more than once or twice per week.

  10. Take it easy, and be kind to yourselfThe Feel Good Effect, by Robyn Conley Downs, is a great book to pick up if you are looking for practical, easy-to-start frameworks to help you feel good! She’s also a client who I just finished working with! When everything is said and done, allowing others to help you allows you to take better care of yourself and your business. When you’re feeling good and performing well, you’re bringing your best to your community.

What is Tech Integration?

Tech integration is the use of technology tools to allow community-builders to organize content, schedule, plan, create content, and manage the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks inside your community.

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