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✨New Mighty Network Product Features for 2022 and what’s coming!

Mighty Networks updated their product release roadmap and now it is more easy-to-read to see what has been done in the past year with regards to product updates. A NEW feature, as a host, you have the ability to “VOTE” on which feature is more important to you! 

Click here to view this roadmap

Upcoming for 2022 

  • Improved Invitations and Rewards – May

  • Welcome Checklist for Members – May

  • Improvements to Member Account Creation Flow- May 2022

  • Animated GIFs – May 2022

  • Host Video Upload (Android) – Q2 

  • Multiple Presenters While Live streaming – Q2

  • Media Library – Q3 

  • Spaces and Updates to Navigation – “Mid-year” aka – no firm date.


Scale a community without chaos or complexity

Whether you’re just starting out with 30 members or have grown to 300,000, your member experience and community management will remain uncompromised.

  • The Mighty Effect™ personalization technology means the activity feed is unique to each member, serving them relevant content

  • Welcome and Discovery sections make it easy for new members to get oriented

  • Unlimited members, Hosts, and moderators on every Mighty plan

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How Mighty Networks process works

Process for Product Roadmap and “Squads” 

In addition, MN has updated the “process” by which the product roadmap focus is on the “squads” that Jessica mentioned in the podcast episode with me for the Community Strategy Podcast.

Our Mighty Networks Product Roadmap represents what we’ve launched, what we’re working on now, and what we’re planning to tackle next.”

When adding new features, 3 things matter most when we prioritize projects:

  1. Your members LOVE your Mighty Network.
  2. A Mighty Network is easy to learn and use.
  3. You’re able to build a thriving business powered by a community with your courses, memberships, content, and events.

“When we add something new, we offer detailed updates, which you can find right here in our Product Updates & News topic.”

Features that have Launched and are LIVE NOW

The following has been “launched” in 2021 or early 2022

  • Live streaming – November 2021

  • Host Video Upload (Web and iOs) – November 2021

  • Upload Video to Courses – March 2021

  • Hide the Livestream Chat on Moblie – January 2022

  • Toggle Audio & Video On/Of While Live streaming – Q1 2022

  • Screen sharing while live-streaming – Q1 2022

  • Download and Delete Livestream Recordings – Q1 2022

CSP Episode: Community Strategy with Mighty Networks

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With each year, the platform has leveled up by offering a place for business owners to create a community that they own and charge members to access — all inside one place that is branded and unique to the context and content that the host of the community offers. I’m thrilled to interview two people I’ve gotten to know over the last year while being an active member of the Mighty Networks Mighty Host community.

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